Monday, October 5, 2020

Things October 5 2020

Hello there, 

I'm working on all of the behind the scenes stuff for my new book Dear God. I haven't been online much but I like this book a lot and want to share it with you guys. I had a call with my publisher that motivated me a bit to stop being a recluse...well maybe to ease up on it a bit. It's tough because I deeply enjoy the comfort of being invisible and/or anonymous (although the ship has sailed on anonymity I feel) but I also want to share my writing so let's make a deal: no direct eye contact. Thanks. 

What's happening around here? Like you, we're dealing society slowly crumbling before our eyes but the leaves GORGEOUS. It's a really weird time but we're enjoying the day to day, you know? 

It's cozy at home, albeit a bit hectic, with home learning and whatnot. Every day feels like something absolutely crazy happens in the news, to the point where I've become a bit numb to it all, focusing instead on what to serve for snack (popcorn and apple slices) and how soft my leggings are. 

I'm learning the guitar, guilting myself for not writing enough, reading a lot, cuddling my family, and trying to keep up with vacuuming up the dog hair. 

Sometime I wake up at 3am with poetry or writing or even a song in my heart and on the tip of my tongue but I haven't been brave enough to put them down. As winter comes and plants start dying, though I usually feel myself come alive and create more. Strange right? Maybe I don't like competing with flowers. 

My goals for this fall/winter are to: 

- get better at the guitar. I'm v e r y bad right now

- properly tell people about Dear God and why I wrote it 

- write a lot more 

-collect leaves in every color and press them into a book 

- teach my dog to roll over (we've been practicing for a year with no results) 

- live in the country. I would like to move to the country badly 

-learn to fish finally although ice fishing sounds like a terrible way to go. only land fishing for me 

I hope you all are well. Stay hydrated, moisturized and encouraged.

love, Bunmi 

me being professional and going through my to do list

my husky Pixel making sure nothing food related is happening 

staring at a pretzel I'm holding in the air like the monster I am