Thursday, November 19, 2020

Baby Masks

It's such a strange time to be a parent. I worry about the little changes I see in my kids. I wonder if these times will leave a scar in their minds. I try to think of ways to inject a little of the old "normal" into their days.

The first time I saw little masks in my pharmacy I felt my blood drain from my face. Little baby masks with yellow ducks on them.

This is really happening isn't it?

I'm not in control. I never was, but at least before there was an illusion to hold on to.

The only thing keeping me from panic these days are loved ones peppermint tea, chocolate-covered almonds, and praying to a God that I still believe is in control, no matter how scary life gets.

I am the last person anyone thought would write a book of personal prayers, but when you get a second chance at life (I'll write more about that one day), you tend to get really grateful to the One who gave it to you. It's like all of my other writing...not fancy, but the truth of my struggles with religion, religious people, and God.

Leading up to the release of Dear God, I'll be sharing some of the prayers that are helping me get through these days. It's not all bad...the leaves are beautiful time of year. Deep breaths. Hold on, okay?

Don't give up.

love always, Bunmi 

PS. You don't know what it means to me to have you guys enjoy what I write here and online. I'm sure you noticed I have a tendency to disappear from online spaces. I hide when I get anxious or overwhelmed. Writing about my faith has brought up new anxiety in me as I imagine people who are anti-faith, like I used to be, being angry (I don't judge at all, you guys, I like you) or people of solid faith thinking I'm getting it all wrong. But I want to stop running away from things that scare me so hopefully I'll be sharing more. 

My new book is called "Dear God: Honest Prayers to a God Who Listens" and it's a collection of prayers from my journal that anyone of faith, no matter how small, can enjoy. The deets: