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Dear reader,

Autism and ADHD advocacy are near and dear to my heart. I run a website called You're Doing Great, Human to encourage those on the spectrum and beyond. As someone on the spectrum, diagnosed with ADHD, and an "autism mom," I take seriously the lives of those who walk a different path and the challenges that come with it. 

I don't believe God makes mistakes. We and our children have gifts the world needs. We also deserve dignity and kindness. If we all lead with love and work together, I believe we can accomplish something beautiful and help those who struggle live better lives. love, Bunmi 


You're Doing Great, Human!

You're Doing Great, Human is a blog meant to encourage neurodivergent people in life. It can be very difficult to be wired differently, but there is a lot of joy in the life as well. 

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If you're interested in having me speak at your event, church, or conference, or write for your website, please use the Contact form. If it is missed, please send it again. Thank you. 

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