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I started a publishing company

Yes, a publishing company.

I've been publishing mainstream with traditional publishers for ten years and self-publishing for about the same time.

The first book I published myself I ended up selling, but since then, I've published many books under pseudonyms even as I worked with traditional literary companies. This has allowed me to continue to work and learn within the industry while maintaining a sense of freedom and ease of expression.

I've decided to make things official.

In an homage to the Twitter account that launched my career, I've started Honest Toddler Books. There are three imprints: Hoodie & Latte Books (books for moms, dads and people who love them), Leafy Boat Books (books for children featuring special needs kids), and Galilee Lunchbox Club.

Hoodie and Latte books is an imprint dedicated to the ride or die members of #ParentGang. Whether you're holding your breath changing diapers or holding your breath teaching a teenager how to change lanes, we've got something for you. Solidarity, honesty, and humor are what these books are built on.

Second Born Lunatics: Hot Tips for Keep Your Second Born Out of Prison is the first release from this imprint (debuted at #1 on Amazon's Parenting & Humor list- newly edited!). Find it here

64 Haikus About Motherhood: On Slime, Sleep & Starbucks is another release under this imprint. If you're looking for some poetry to read as you sit in the pantry taking a breath from the rush of the holiday season, this is for you. Or give it to a mom you love. Find it here

Each imprint represents a different aspect of my life and Leafy Boats Books is no exception. The first book, "A Friend For Marcus" releases February 2023 and is about a young autistic boy who makes his very first friend. The books will all be gentle, calming and are designed to bring a sense of hope, peace, and joy to the reader and their families.

I launched Galilee Lunchbox Club because it meet a need in my household. When my son started reading short chapter books, I tried very hard to find him Wimpy Kid/Dog Man-style books featuring regular, everyday, kids just trying to figure out life but with elements of faith.

As a child, God was not part of my everyday thought process- I saw Him as the helper to the special others, but certainly not me. Now as an adult, I have a personal understanding of His love and depend on Him all day every day. I often think, "What would my childhood have been like if I'd known God truly loved me and was available to walk with me in life?" Different, is the understatement of the century.

The two first series' by Galilee Lunchbox Club are David's Diary and Naomi's Notebook. Both are journal-style chapter books for ages 7-14 about third and fifth grade spunky kids navigating life, family life, friendship, and faith.

Coming January 2023.

I'm thankful to have a team of editors and illustrators helping me bring these books to life and am excited to share these books with you.

Part II

I love working alongside other writers and have had the privilege of helping edit manuscripts and develop stories with friends. The publishing world can be a difficult space for an up and coming writer, so I look forward to publishing books that would otherwise stay on the laptops of authors-to-be. If you're a writer with a book you've been trying to get published, I'd love to read it and perhaps we can work together. Holler at your girl.

Overall, I'm just very excited. I've known I would be a writer since fourth grade, but this is a new dream come true. Thank you, God, who never lets me run away from good things no matter how hard I try. <3

I hope you'll come along the journey with me. I'll announce new books here and over at

Thank you!

love, Bunmi

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