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New Book: You're Doing Great Human

You're Doing Great Human Book Cover

Original Art 
by Bunmi 

 Motherhood Isn't

*Favorite* the Etsy shop to be
lerted when prints and
new art arrives

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New Printables
Poem: Motherhood Isn't Creation 
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Bunmi Laditan

Writer. Speaker. Artist. 

Bunmi Laditan is a bestselling author living in Quebec, Canada by way of northern California. Her writings include The Honest Toddler and Confessions of a Domestic failure and poetry such as Dear Mother and Dear God: Honest Prayers to a God Who Listens. 

The Lunchbox Club

New Podcast for Families

The Lunchbox Club with Bunmi Laditan is a new podcast for families centered around packing lunches for little ones and the rollercoaster that is family life. Suitable for all ages. 

Lunchbox Club.jpg


Fun Books for Families 

In 2022 Bunmi launched Honest Toddler Books, a publishing company dedicated to releasing lighthearted reads for moms, dads, kids...and kids at heart. 

The imprints include: Hoodie & Latte Books, Leafy Boat Books, and Galilee Lunchbox Club. 

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