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Carnal Weapons

Last night I had dream. In it I was holding one of my children with one arm, shielding them from a shadowy figure who was trying to get near them.

With my free arm, I was fighting the figure. I had a knife of sorts, a mid-sized dagger and was stabbing it into the shadowy person. In this fight, I noticed my stabs were leaving no marks. They were making no wounds. They went in and out without the figure bleeding or even flinching.

I was aware that my presence, me shielding my child was working to some extent, but my weapon was not and so the struggle continued.

In the next scene, I was not there but watching from above as the same child was walking alone on a street. I had knowledge that the figure was waiting for that moment, when I was away, to inflict some kind of harm.

Waking up from these types of dreams is always initially alarming. I take dreams seriously and began to pray. As I do with all of my dreams, I asked the Holy Spirit what it meant. I ask no matter how obvious it seems, because the meanings a human mind puts together are not the same as what it can mean in a spiritual sense.

I don't share my dreams about my children here, but this was not about my home, it was to help someone or some people with theirs.

When I woke up, the words "carnal weapons" were given to me.

They come from the verses: "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh; for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds." 2 Corinthians 10:3-4

We have bodies and live in the physical world but are souls and there is a spiritual world around us.

There's a saying, "You don't bring a knife to a gun fight." It means you have to make sure your weapon matches the type of conflict you're going in to. Someone has been in the fight of their life for their child or their child's sake and is using physical weapons to fight a spiritual battle.

There's a verse that says we do not battle against flesh and blood, but principalities in heavenly places.

To the mother fighting for her child: you already know that what your child has been facing is deeper than your eyes can see. The unrelenting nature of it has told you. Perhaps other things have tipped you off as well.

The truth is this: He who lives in you is greater than He who lives in the world, and the battle was already won on the cross. One of the main ways the one who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy does this is by taking advantage of authority unclaimed, not known about.

You have authority. Pray in faith and power for your child. Make declarations in Jesus name. Bind in His name. Curse at the root anything coming against your child and forbid it from returning in His name.

Somebody is trying to get essential oils to do what only anointing oil can do.

You bear and are using the Name that nothing, not in heaven or under heaven, can stand against. It's the Name that makes darkness flee and chains break. It's a Name that we were given when we became children of God through Jesus's finished work on the cross. He conquered not just death but every single plan and plot the enemy might have and they are trespassing when coming near your dwelling. Stand in that knowledge and faith in the finished work as you pray.

You aren't facing an enemy who stronger or even equal to you. He is under your feet. It's only when, through not knowing the power you carry through the Name you bear, that he is able to start playing.

So much of mothering is wiping jelly off of counters and kissing cheeks it can be easy to forget we wear war paint 24 hours a day. Being soft does not mean we're not strong. Our power is in Jesus and therefore we are strong indeed.

The second part of the dream had to do with the child being alone and vulnerable. One thing God has impressed to me many times when I was afraid for my children in the past was that my prayers go places my feet cannot.

In times you are not with your child: whether in a different room or a different state if they've grown and flown, keep praying. Do so with the same earnestness and faith that you would do if you were side by side because there is no distance in the spirit.

Pray always, but especially when you can't be there, knowing your prayers go to the One who dispatches angels.

What a privilege and responsibility this is to be a mother. The weight of it can sometimes be overwhelming until we remember that we do not do this alone. God is with us at all times. He holds us as we hold them.

When Peter was in prison, it says the congregation kept earnestly praying for him. Some translations say "constantly" praying for him. Whether on your knees bedside or driving or with a baby in your arms, at work, or in a grocery store pray knowing your prayers for your child are heard and have the power to break them out of any prison that may desire to hold them.

A mother's prayers are powerful.

Keep going. God is your strength and you're never alone.

Love, Bunmi


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