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Your Joy is Being Restored

God gave me this word a few days ago. It's for people who have been working and living in a state of quiet determination but in an absence of any sweetness in life.

God is restoring your joy in this season. Many have all but forgotten what it feels like and will be surprised.

Don't be taken off guard to the point you reject it or mistrust it when it arrives. It's yours, from God, and here to stay.

A fresh, unburdened joy is here. You will tangibly experience joy in a new way and will know it is a gift from God and not by your effort. It'll feel like a sweet, unexpected dew.

Don't be so used to the way you were operating before that you're afraid to receive it.

It's from God and for you. God sees how diligent you have been. He has seen how you have provided for others, even while you were in need. He sees how you put others first and is taking care of you.

Your delight has been in God and doing what was needed, required of you, and He is restoring a new, tangible, sweet joy within your life.

As always, take it to God. He'll always be the one to explain it more. The video is below.

"Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10


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