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Keeping It Real & God Provides for Two Mothers

In this episode of God of Miracles, I share what God showed me about how He's still moving and there's no reason for people to think they need to manufacture moves of the Spirit.

There exists among the people of God a pressure to sometimes make things look like God has done things He has not. This expresses itself in social media and other ways. He showed me why we need to resist this and it's much more important to not partake than many realize.

God is doing amazing things, miracles upon miracles. If you're in a time of waiting for a specific type of fruit to grow, wait and keep being diligent and following the vision He gave you. Don't fake anything for the applause or approval of man.

A second part of the message God gave me was about ministering to people via gifts. Yeshua ministered to people's physical needs all the time through healing and even providing food. One must never discount that being in the presence of God has always had tangible benefits. He likes when we take care of each other in this way.

But in the dream He gave me that I talk about in this episode, it showed gifts being used in a way He did not sanction- a type of manipulative way that was mean to look like God was moving in a way He wasn't.

God sees everything. He is real. The church belong to Jesus and He has a great amount of interest and involvement in how things are run. He wants us to do it right. I was surprised when He showed me exactly why it's so important to operate in integrity and shared what He showed me in this episode.

I forgot to ask God for a verse to go with this message but He gave one to me anyway. It did catch me off guard with its intensity.

"By those who come near Me, I must be regarded as holy; And before all the people I must be glorified." Leviticus 10:3

This verse is from a passage where the two sons of the Aaron the first high priest of Israel, died after offering foreign fire, strange fire, as an offering to God. They gave an offering God did not sanction, one that came out of their own mind. Jewish traditions say they were young and eager to make a name for themselves.

That strange fire that may warm or burn bright for a brief moment, but in the end it will consume its source.

If God were to let the strange fire burn as if it were of His Holy Spirit, it would allow those who manufactured it to take the glory. Only He is worthy of being glorified. Only Him.

I also share two miracle stories of God taking are of two mothers: I'm one of them!

This is the book I mention in the episode. You can find it here.


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