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still making slime

Slime has had my kids in a chokehold since 2018. If you would have told me I’d still be making it in 2022, I would have rebuked your word curse and called you a liar.

I know a stronghold when I see one so please fast for my family.

We made more today.

Parents, it’s cheaper to make than buy. By a lot.

I use borax despite not knowing what is in borax because I’m too tired to care. Maybe it’s just strong soap, it could be a crystal meth ingredient but listen, I have not seen any side effects other than it getting them off the iPad for a few minutes which is miraculous.

I don’t check ingredients on store bought slime but sometimes it smells like power plant, peanuts, and industrial floor cleaner. Don’t know why. So this is organic in comparison. Organic fair trade slime. Educational as well because there’s measuring involved. This is private school slime on a dollar store budget.

This slime has no scent. Actually the scent is quiet, entertained child. It’s a good sensory play toy. Keep it off your carpet or you’ll have to throw the carpet away or move a coffee table over the dried slime patch and pray guests don’t move it. I store it in a ziploc bag.


1/2 cup warm water mixed with 1/4 tsp borax 1/2 cup warm water mixed with 1/2 cup school glue (blend well) Small dots of any poster paint you have on hand if you want

Blend it all in the order above.


Any tips for getting slime out of carpet are appreciated.

Bonus: I make my kids wash any dishes we use for slime. My 8 y/o son just washed the bowl, a spoon and measuring cup and had the nerve to say, “I’m exhausted.” I didn’t say anything because I couldn’t think of anything gentle.

I hope you have fun with this. Keep it out of their hair unless you crave problems.



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