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I'm excited to write this one because it gave me a lot of joy, and still does when I think about it which is often.

Recently, I had a situation work out perfectly. It was one of those things that works out a little too well, like so well you know it's God.

Not to say God isn't a part of other things, but you know what I mean.

The situation was that I was helped before something happened in a perfect, seamless, wonderful way- one of those things you feel God's hand in. God's hand is in many things, maybe everything ( I say maybe because I don't know), but at times I feel it more than other times.

Looking at what happened, I was in complete awe of how perfect it all went down, it was one of those things that happens just right, not too much, not too when you see someone parallel park really well, but even better.

I thanked God and was like, "How did You do that? How?" I was in complete awe of how delicately and beautifully it was handled. I couldn't have done it in a thousand years and wanted to just know how He did (in hindsight it seems like a silly question- He's God, duh, how does He do anything? but in the moment I couldn't help asking).

He showed me a picture that is now in my top four things He's ever showed me.

In it was a big giant hand reaching down into a large bowl/pot thing with one finger, at an angle and bringing the hand back up as if tasting it.

The imagery of God tasting a situation then adding what it needs the way we taste a sauce to know if it needs a little acid or salt, tickles me every time I think of it. God the Master Chef. I just love it.

He's so beautiful and amazing. It makes one want to know more and more about Him, no? To just be with Him. Watch Him work.

I highly recommend getting to know Him and talking to Him. To say He's worth it, is the understatement of a lifetime. He's Majestic.

I like to imagine Him now going around tasting all kinds of situations. I wonder if some taste bad, they must? It's not a job I'd want. I'm grateful He's willing. That's love. *sweat laughing emoji*

Surely He doesn't have to taste them, He could probably just look at it. Maybe He likes tasting things. Maybe His Spirit passes through things and perceives the sum of it, what it needs and that's how He tastes? I don't know how these thing work, but I love the picture and it makes me smile.

Have a good day,

love, Bunmi

“Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who trusts in Him.” Psalm 34:8


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