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Dear God: Honest Prayers to a God Who Listens

Dear God is a poignant collection of funny, often heartbreaking, and deeply insightful letters to God that bravely share the emotions we all feel as we grapple with this broken world and search for divine love.

From the publisher:

With the same gutsy and poetic honesty that charmed readers around the world, Bunmi now shares prayers and poems that chart her faith journey toward reconnecting with the God she loved, lost, and realized had never left her side even while she wandered. These candid field notes will stir your heart and make you laugh out loud with Bunmi's self-aware humor and profound insight into the spiritual journey we're all trying to navigate.

Join Bunmi as she journeys through emotions we all experience--doubt, anger, joy, desperation, love, loneliness, and gratefulness. Wittingly fresh and stunningly relatable, she exquisitely names our fears, voices our painful questions, and bravely says what we're all thinking anyway in our prayerful wrestling with God.

For those who find themselves thirsting for something more, those who seek to reconnect with God, or those who really don't know what they believe but appreciate a good word, this poignant collection of prayers is a strengthening reminder that the same Love that rises and sets the sun cares for you with particular affection.

I am not religious. This book should not be for me. But it was. Beautiful prose . . . brutal honesty . . . comfort and grace and relevance. Every moment I was reading it, I was not alone. What kind of magic is this?

-Jenny Lawson, New York Times bestselling author of Furiously Happy

Already known for her hilarious storytelling, Bunmi Laditan returns with more of her humanity on display. Here she speaks with God honestly, giving us permission to do the same.

-Austin Channing Brown, New York Times bestselling author of I’m Still Here

Bunmi Laditan vulnerably and courageously shows us how to bring our doubts and accusations, our fears and uncertainties, to God directly. Bunmi opens her heart on every page, from the mundane to the deeply personal, as she blurs the lines between poetry and prayer, love and fear, trust and mistrust. If you’ve ever been afraid to bring your full self to God, ashamed that deep down you’re not good enough for God to listen to, Dear God is a window into someone who has learned that faith isn’t about trusting what we know but about trusting that we are known.

-Jared Byas, author of Love Matters More and cohost of The Bible for Normal People podcast Purchase from:

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