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Car Conversations: Faith

I was feeling the crunch of needing to have faith, something I don't like because I'd rather just have what I want or need now. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be, but there were question marks, big ones. This left me feeling annoyed, to put it lightly. I hate the feeling of the unknown for an extended period of time but noticed God has been been putting me exactly there and keeping me there for longer and longer stretches.

He showed me a picture of two people talking and I knew it wasn't this life, but the next. One said to the other, "Remember faith?" and was smiling. They were reminiscing, not in a way that they missed having it or were sad, but were marveling at it and the opportunity it was to please God in that specific way that no longer existed.

He keeps reminding me that faith isn't a forever thing. It's only for this time and very special to Him. It's like a gift to Him, something that blesses Him. The only way I can say it is that He loves and treasures it. It's funny because I'm in a class learning about faith right now and understanding how powerful it is, but before that, what He impressed on me, from His side, is how special and what a treasure our faith is to/for Him.

Like someone giving you the most beautiful thing they have. Just laying it at your feet.

He showed me that I, and many other people, think the wrong way about times when we have the opportunity to have faith (yes He called it an opportunity fight Jesus not me). I know it's hard to understand or feel, it is for me, but He showed me 3-4 people who had received something and one person who had not and was having to have faith for getting it. The one person who had not was the blessed one.

I know it sounds wild, especially when it comes to thinking about people in hard times or someone who has been yearning for a child, but it was the person waiting and having to have faith who was called blessed. To the outside world, they seemed like the unlucky person, but they weren't because it was an opportunity for faith which is valuable.

When this world ends, which it will, He's told me we will wish there were more opportunities we could have had faith. Not as a negative yearning, but just knowing the value faith had. We'll wish we had fully embraced times faith was needed and even relished it. Faith will be seen as the precious thing from the time before, the chance to show God we believed when this certain veil between the seen and unseen was still up.

I don't know how to express how precious and beautiful faith will be seen as, how precious and beautiful it actually is to the One who receives it.

I had a to memorize a verse on faith for a class I'm taking. I'll past it here. I hope you're able to have faith today. When I'm talking to God about something difficult, one thing He keeps reminds me a lot is to "bring my faith" and shows me it as being spread on a piece of bread like peanut butter. He shows me faith as something I apply to things. So rather than just mentally obsessing over something difficult, He wants me to apply my faith to it and remember His words like, "All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose."

I really like when He says, "Bring your faith," like it's a package I put down somewhere and need to remember to open, unwrap, and use. You can always ask Him for help with that. You don't have to do it by yourself.

Have a good one. love, Bunmi

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1


All these things I'm talking about begin with belief in Jesus (not just that He existed but what He did, why, and that you're down). I wasn't going to post this video again because I don't like feeling pushy, but He keeps reminding me none of these things He tells me to write about apply or matter if one hasn't first decided to accept who He is. If you want to do that, start here. God is amazing, I highly recommend a relationship. Best thing you'll ever do. Not always the easiest journey, but He stays.


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